Here are some answers to questions I am often asked.  Don’t be shy about contacting me if you want to know more.

Who is the person behind Kosher Like Me?

Liz Rueven is the  Editor and chief eater. I search for talented chefs,  great restaurants,  passionate food innovators and  organic growers who are driven to produce eating experiences that are unique and expressive. I spend many weeks away from my kosher kitchen researching and exploring  extraordinary dining and food events.

What does Kosher mean?

The word Kosher is derived from the Hebrew word “kasher” which means proper or pure.  Kosher foods conform to strict Jewish Biblical laws pertaining to types of food eaten, kinds of foods combined in one meal, and how an animal is slaughtered.  The laws are highly detailed and complex so consider this a very abbreviated summary.

What do you mean by Kosher Like Me? Kosher is Kosher, isn’t it?

What I mean is that in order to avoid trayf  (non-kosher food) when away from my kosher kitchen, I eat as a vegetarian, actually pescatarian, since I eat acceptable fish, also.  I avoid eating anything that is overtly trayf.

So, how Kosher are you, really? 

There are many levels of Kashrut . My home is kosher in the same way that my Mom’s and Grandmother’s was.  I separate all dairy product from meat and have separate dishes, pots and pans,and silverware. I buy strictly kosher meat and chicken, preferably organic.

Where is home?

I am lucky enough to split the work week between coastal CT and NYC.  We prefer to spend Shabbat and weekends in CT, which is our true home.

How do you chose where to eat when you are dining out? 

I look at loads of menus on line and often make phone calls ahead of time to be sure that there are enough  interesting choices.  When I see a menu with an orientation to vegetables, grains, organic and local, I know I am on the right track.   If there is only one acceptable fish  and one vegetarian option,  I generally steer clear.  I have eaten too many humdrum meals of grilled salmon and salad.  One item is not a “choice”.

What about when you travel?

Again, I consult websites for the “best of” in any area, but more importantly, I try to plan our visits around food and wine fests, farmers’ markets and the best growing seasons.  I call ahead to confirm that there are acceptable and exciting options if there are fixed menus, as in farm dinners or special food and wine events.  I order ahead  and often communicate with the chef directly.  You can also!

Most of what you write is positive.  Don’t you ever eat lousy food?

I decided to share mostly the positive experiences with my readers.   Unfortunately,  you will find enough disappointing  meals/places/events  on your own.

Do you cook?

I cook a little less now that both of our kids are grown.  Still, I love to come home to cook, especially for Shabbat and after I shop at my extraordinary farmers’ market.  I allow the harvest to dictate my menu. Nothing compares to dishes prepared with ingredients that have just been picked from the fields.  Both my daughter and future daughter in law are great cooks and bakers.

What do you do when you are not eating or planning your next meal?

I am working on my photo skills, which are painfully novice.  I study Italian with a good humored and patient instructor from Rome. I see a lot of contemporary art in NYC and when we travel.   I love to hike, swim,  golf and fly-fish. I travel and eat dinner with my husband of 30 years. I am often planning the next culinary adventure and trying to coerce my two grown kids and fabulous future daughter in law to join us.

What about your photos? 

If you would like to use a picture please send me an e-mail and ask first.  I would be honored if you want to share something.  I will not be so nice if you lift it without asking, though.

Are you interested in recipes, other bloggers, readers’ tales and tips from my travel/eating  adventures?

YES!  Sharing will make this so much richer for all of us who are vegetarian or Kosher Like Me. If you are a blogger who would like to re-post, please link back to Kosher Like Me and let me know that you have done so.  I will be flattered.

I have other questions.  Should I bother asking you?

YES!  Please use my contact form or comment on the site. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.  Please forgive any delays, in advance.  I suspect that you can imagine why….