Cheesy Breakfast Latkes Made Easy

Cheesy Breakfast Latkes Made Easy

Frozen shredded potatoes are about to make your Chanukah latkes (aka potato pancakes) a whole lot easier. Yes, we used easy and latkes in the same sentence because this shortcut will leave your knuckles intact and your mound of grated potatoes looking bright instead of that dreaded tawny purplish hue.


 We looked for shredded frozen potatoes (sometimes called hash browns) and decided to check out how they behaved when we fried up simple, classic potato latkes first. Once we saw how easy that was, we veered off towards breakfast with these Cheesy Breakfast Latkes loaded with sweet sun-dried tomatoes, slightly salty parmigiana, gooey mozzarella and plenty of finely chopped Italian parsley to lend some much needed color.

Photo: Liz Rueven
Photo: Liz Rueven

Feel free to top these with lightly fried eggs for early morning treats or serve breakfast for dinner the same way.

AND You’ve heard this before but it’s good to be reminded: Making latkes requires more oil than you may remember from last December. DO NOT skimp on the oil and DO DO DO let it heat up as per the directions below. 

 True Confessions: No matter how prepared I am believe my pan is, the first batch ALWAYS comes out looking like this. Just accept it and save the mess to scramble with eggs for breakfast the next morning. Or scrap it and MOVE ON.

First batch failure every time
First batch failure every time



Easy Cheesy Potato Latkes

Photo: Liz Rueven
Photo: Liz Rueven

makes 18 latkes


may be made gluten-free with Manischewitz gluten- free matzah meal

Notes: Cast iron pans LOVE latkes! If you have one, be sure to use it. It conducts heat more evenly than any other material and will produce perfectly golden latkes every time. If not, be sure to heat your pan well and move latkes around so that they cook evenly.



1 bag frozen shredded potatoes (may be called hash browns), defrosted or partially defrosted

1 medium onion, finely chopped

½ C shredded mozzarella cheese

½ C shredded parmigiana cheese

4 eggs, beaten

⅓ C sun-dried tomatoes, chopped (not in oil)

4 Tb Italian parsley, chopped finely

⅓ C matzah meal

½ tsp salt (more to taste)

cracked black pepper

8 Tb canola oil for frying (likely more)



Defrost potatoes in colander in sink for 2-3 hours. Pat dry. It’s ok if they’re not fully defrosted.

Mix potatoes with all ingredients except for oil. Be sure to integrate well.

Heat 2 Tb. oil in large frying pan. Test oil to be sure it’s hot enough by dropping a bit of potato mixture into pan.Oil should be shimmering and potatoes should sizzle.

Using a tablespoon, drop batter into pan, flatten and fry until underside is golden brown. Flip and cook second side.

Remove cooked latkes to cookie sheet lined with paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Continue cooking more batches, adding at least 2 Tb. of additional oil to the pan for each round. Be sure to allow new oil to heat up before dropping batter in.

Serving suggestions: Top with fried egg, sriracha, chopped parsley and/or additional chopped sun-dried tomatoes.  Or top with sour cream cause you’re already in dairy heaven anyway!


  1. Wow! Starting with frozen potatoes is something I definitely never would have thought of, but I’m eager to try it now! Also, I like your advice about the always-awful first batch when making latkes. When I make mine for Chanukah this time, I’ll just put one in the pan to scrap when it turns out poorly and have more batter left for more perfect latkes with oil that is truly hot enough. And thanks to your advice, I won’t feel so bad about that disappointing first batch next time!

  2. Your photo is so compelling, I can taste the latke!
    And finally, a writer who shares the challenges of the first batch! Thank you for being genuine and authentic! Love the recipe and plan to try it.

  3. This recipe looks AMAZING. Saw you on Channel 8 here in CT. Wondering how I can reheat these as I want to make them for a holiday party next week. Can I microwave because thats my only source of warmup at work. Thank you

    • Hi Amy and thanks for watching. Latkes are best re- heated in a very hot(400 degrees)oven in order to keep them crispy. Re-heating in a micro is tricky because they’ll soften and get soggy. If you must,though,bring them to room temperature first so they need as short a time as possible in the microwave. Can I tempt you to make something else? Maybe one of my hummus, eggplant or red pepper recipes?

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