Bond Street Chocolate Moses Giveaway


The season is shifting noticeably as the temperature cools and the  rapid sequence of fall holidays is poised to roll.  Launching Kosher Like Me as the new year approaches feels just on time!  In my last minute flurry,  I’ve reviewed vast piles of notes and photos corresponding to restaurants, events, chefs, tastings and other extraordinary food experiences that are the reason for bringing it all together in Kosher Like Me.   Here, I will share the pleasure of my discoveries and journeys as I seek creative vegetarian experiences for those who love to eat well.  Some of you may be Kosher Like Me (read ABOUT and FAQ’s) and some may be vegetarian or simply leaning in that direction. WELCOME!!

I am honored that you are taking the time to read this. As a reward,  I will be giving a gift to some one who shares a comment here. Win this cheeky 6 “ tall, Moses figure, carved of 72% chocolate and lightly dusted with edible copper sheen. BOND STREET CHOCOLATE in NYC makes the highest quality, most creative and scrumptious chocolates in the city.  You will love this guy! Write in my comment section and remember to provide accurate contact info so I can ship him to you.  A winner will be drawn at random between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


  1. This site makes me want to eat Kosher.

    Congratulations Liz. This is so artful, accessible and aspirational.

    Yay ( and yum)


    • Thanks and love. How about eating veg? That is what this is about as I eat only veg when away from my kosher kitchen. You are prob half way there already!

  2. As a vegetarian, I can’t wait for the restaurants and the recipes! Give me guidance, it’s much needed! Moses does look good enough to eat and I’m not even a chocolate fan…

  3. we actually have a knock-off of that michelangelo statue just outside our synagogue’s social hall. great, one more place i’ll start craving chocolate :)

  4. Liz,
    Congratulations on the great site.Michelangelo would be “kvelling” (I think in Italian)about having his sculpture in chocolate!

  5. Great site! Thanks for sharing! Definitely has broad appeal…I am not Jewish or kosher, and only slightly (so slightly, I wouldn’t dare call myself one) pescatarian but love to find great food with the same qualities you promote on your site…I look forward to learning more. Wish I could travel to some of the eateries you’ve found. Someday…

    • You are so sweet for commenting. Did you read through the blog roll? didnt forget my fave Fairfield County eaters and bloggers! thanks for following.

  6. Congratulation, welcome to the blog world.
    Loved the writings. Looking forward to recepies and more.
    New beginnings , new year. All very exciting.

  7. Shana Tova!
    The web site looks terrific and what a wonderful and symbolic launch! But what I love the most is that it is personable but completely professional, engaging, and just plain beautiful to scroll through. I am looking forward to the recipes!
    You should feel so proud, …the concept has been there lingering and then POW…you put your mind to it and you did it.
    Congratulations Liz!

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