Swooning over Babke Swirls at Padoca Bakery

Photo: Liz Rueven

Photo: Liz Rueven

When Florence Fabricant, longtime food critic for the New York Times, mentioned a newly opened Brazilian bakery in NYC that creates guava and cheese babke swirls I was all lit up I guessed that the roots of  Padoca’s treats, including challah french toast and black and white brownies, extended beyond Sao Paolo.

Indeed, owner Marina Halpern, grew up in a tight knit and vibrant Jewish community in Sao Paolo. When she was 11, she converted to Judaism in order to study for her Bat Mitzvah with her classmates at Hebrew day school. After arriving in NYC, she trained at the French Culinary Institute (now ICC) and cooked at the Dutch and the Mark before heading to London for a stint at a cafe known equally for creative dishes and customer service.

Marina Halpern and  chef/baker Rachel Binder (who baked at Maialino, Tabla and Savoy)  are a dynamic duo, pooling their talents and cultures in this bright spot on the corner of 68th St. and First Ave. Continue reading

Our Favorite Food Trucks & Where They Roll

Photo Credit: Amor Food Truck, CT

Photo Credit: Amor Food Truck, CT

They are geared up and ready to roll – and after spending the harsh winter cooped up inside, so are we.  We’re talkin’ food trucks. We’ve “mobilized” the top vegetarian, vegan, kosher and kosher friendly trucks. You’ll have a great ride hopping from falafel and kosher schnitzel to cold-pressed smoothies and everything in between with this round-up as your guide.

Don’t see your favorite truck here? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know.





Photo: Taim Mobile, NYC

Photo: Taim Mobile, NYC

Taïm Mobile


Taïm (slang for “super yummy” in Hebrew) has gotten loads of recognition for their tasty falafel sandwich – and rightfully so. They also have plenty of other vegan and gluten-free, vegetarian options like hummus sandwiches, quinoa salads and pear-mint-lemon smoothies.


  • Feast your eyes: Check out their menu
  • Cuisine: Gourmet Middle-Eastern, strictly vegetarian
  • What to try: Falafel Sandwich
  • Where to find: Varies week to week, but usually at 20th & 5th or Water & Broad near Wall Street; follow them on Twitter (@TaimMobile) to see where they’ve stopped!


Green Radish

Photo: Liz Rueven, The Green Radish, NYC

Photo: Liz Rueven, The Green Radish, NYC


Liz already dished out all the enticing reasons to check out their healthy vegan organic eats last summer, but we plan on heading back to try more of some of their less “messy” options that are perfect for a spring lunch, including the “Asian BBQ Tofu Delight” made with chili marinated tofu, cabbage slaw and lemongrass mayo on a ciabatta roll.


  • Feast your eyes: Full menu here
  • Cuisine: Fresh soups, salads, sandwiches & more – all vegan & organic
  • What to try: any of the veggie burgers
  • Where to find: Follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@thegreenradish1) to check out where they are stopped!



Katchkie Truck

 This farm-to-truck healthy eatery boasts a unique 100-mile menu (meaning all of its ingredients are sourced within 100 miles of NYC, mostly from their very own organic Katchkie Farm). Although options vary depending on produce availability, it is always filled with seasonal vegetarian options like farm-fresh salads with gazpacho vinaigrette and much more.


  • Feast your eyes: More about the farm and food here
  • Cuisine: Organic, farm-fresh eclectic with veg options
  • What to try: Build your own salad with their extensive veggie options
  • Where to find:  Four Freedoms Park starting April 4th (open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-4pm); Starting Memorial Day Weekend it will be open from 11am-4pm through the summer. Follow them on Twitter for updates (@KatchkieTruck)


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Photo: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, NYC and Brooklyn

Photo: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, NYC and Brooklyn



If you’re in the mood for sweet eats on the street, stop by one of Van Leeuwen’s Artisan Ice Cream Trucks in Williamsburg or SoHo. They serve an array of classic and vegan ice cream flavors, all made from scratch in Greenpoint, Brooklyn using ingredients from the finest small producers in the world.


  • Feast your eyes: Mouthwatering flavors here
  • Cuisine: Artisan ice cream with vegan options
  • What to try: Vegan salted caramel, made with house-made cashew milk, cocoa butter, organic coconut milk, organic coconut oil and organic carob bean; but check out their seasonal varieties as well!
  • Where to find: Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Bedford Ave at N8th) daily from noon-late; SoHo on Prince & Green daily from noon to late




The Pocketful


Jack Rahmey’s Pocketful food truck is full of certified kosher Middle-Eastern items inspired by his own bubbe’s favorite recipes. He has taken them to a whole new level by putting a modern, global-fusion twist on traditional falafel and hummus. Take their suggestion and try them with guacamole and jalapeño or goat cheese and red peppers.


  • Feast your eyes: Full menu here
  • Cuisine: Middle-Eastern with a global twist, all vegetarian
  • What to try: The Fresh Cabo – a hummus bowl with guac, corn salad, salsa & jalapeño
  • Where to find:  50th between 6th&7th, Monday-Friday until 3pm (follow them on twitter to stay tuned @ThePocketful)


Wandering Que


Ari White aka Wandering Que

Ari White aka Wandering Que

Doesn’t this warm weather make you crave some BBQ? Take a stroll during some of the city’s many street fairs and Pop-Ups and stop by the Wandering Que for some authentic Texas smokehouse BBQ. Lucky for the kosher carnivores, Ari White moves around a lot! Check out slow-cooked brisket, pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches and various Texas-style cholents.


  • Feast your eyes: Full menu here (although items available may vary on the truck)
  • Cuisine: Texas BBQ, certified kosher
  • What to try: One of their various cholents
  • Where to find:  Check out their 2015 schedule here


The Squeeze

photo: The Squeeze

photo: The Squeeze


The uber-popular Squeeze food truck has an array of “RAWnchy” cold-pressed juices, milks & shakes, live veggie-loaded soups and salads and gluten-free desserts that are sure to give you the refreshing kick you need this spring.  You can grab their vegan, kosher certified eats and drinks all day and week long on Union Square West & 17th street starting early May.


  • Feast your eyes: Loads of tantalizing options here
  • Cuisine: Eclectic Vegan (large portion is raw), certified kosher
  • What to try: Their juices are the best-sellers Any of their salads
  • Where to find: Starting early May,  you can find them from Union Square West & 17 St. Follow them on Twitter for the latest updates (@TheSqueezeNY) from 8am-8pm


Shuka truck

 Shuka Truck

Get some authentic Israeli eats from Shuka – NYC’s first and only food truck that serves fresh, vegetarian, certified kosher Shakshuka (poached eggs in tomato sauce with some of our favorite Middle-Eastern spices such as cumin and harissa) in a variety of flavors with modern twists.


  • Feast your eyes: Learn more on their website
  • Cuisine: Israeli/Middle-Eastern, kosher, organic, vegetarian
  • What to try: HUMshuka – traditional red Shaksuka atop fresh hummus
  • Where to find: The truck moves daily, so stay connected to track ‘em down on social media (@ShukaNYC) and their brand new “Shuka” app


Shuka Truck, NYC

Shuka Truck, NYC

Moshe’s Falafel Stand


Moshe’s Falafel is still going strong after a decade of serving tasty kosher golden falafel. The lines at the cart are worth the wait; the now famous crunchy falafel with tahini and daily soup offerings make the perfect quick and healthy lunch on the go.


  • Cuisine: Middle-Eastern, certified kosher
  • What to try: Falafel
  • Where to find: 46th Street & 6th Ave; Be sure to follow them on Twitter to see where they’ve stopped (@MoshesFalafel)




Who doesn’t love some toasty, golden-crumbed Israeli schnitzel once in a while? For your kosher chicken cutlet fix, head over to Schnitzi Food Truck, where they have fresh schnitzels, sandwiches, salads and much more, all served with your choice of their legendary sauces (the garlic-mayonnaise and chimichurri flavors are super popular).


  • Feast your eyes: Read the full menu and order online here
  • Cuisine: Israeli Schnitzel, certified Glatt kosher
  • What to try: Greek garlic schnitzel
  • Where to find: Track ‘em here or on Twitter (@Schnitzi1)




Amor Food Truck, CT

Amor Food Truck, CT


AMOR Food Truck


Get simply delicious, vegan fare made with locally sourced, organic ingredients from the family owned AMOR food truck this season. Though not certified kosher, they stay away from any meat, poultry, fish, gelatin rennet or eggs in their truck; but they do have one special ingredient that sets them apart – “amor”. That’s right, as if the mouthwatering, mindfully constructed menu items were not enough, the owners cook with a true love for food and are committed to “transforming the way [we] experience vegan & vegetarian cuisine,” according to Co-owner and Chef Gabriella da Silva-Taylor.


  • Full menu: Click here for all their tasty offerings
  • Cuisine: Eclectic Vegan – everything under the sun!
  • What to try: Un-Beetable Burger & the Coconut Chia Pudding
  • Where to find: Various CT farmers’ markets & festivals; find their exact location by following them on Twitter(@AmorFoodTruck) & their website


GMonkey Mobile

GMonkey photo: Jeff Skerik (AKA Rawtographer)

GMonkey photo: Jeff Skerik (AKA Rawtographer)


GMonkey Mobile is totally green in every sense of the word. Their truck runs on bio-diesel and they serve fresh, vegan, organic “eco-street food” made with ingredients sourced from their CT farm on recycled biodegradable plates. While their menu changes weekly depending on what is growing, some of their most popular, consistent items include “Feisty Monkey Peanut Soba Noodles”, “Downward Dog Black Bean Burritos”, gluten-free quinoa salad with a curried walnut pate and all of their organic smoothies and juices.


  • Full menu: Click here for a taste of their menu items
  • Cuisine: Farm-fresh, vegan
  • What to try: Feisty Monkey Peanut Soba Noodles w/ Organic Greens
  • Where to find: Find the G-Spot by following them on social media or their website (Hartford & New Haven, CT areas)



Photo: Liz Rueven, Skinny Pines

Photo: Liz Rueven, Skinny Pines


Skinny Pines


You’ve already gotten the skinny on this mobile wood-fired brick oven truck but we just had to remind you to check them out again this season. Their pizzas are topped with the freshest, locally sourced veggies and vary depending on availability. This year they are making their debut at the Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow Farmers’ Market in addition to their regular appearances at the Westport and New Canaan Farmers’ Markets this summer. You can have Skinny Pines roll right up to your home and serve up a full party menu, too. Speak with Jeff.


  • Full menu: Menu depends on produce availability – learn more here
  • Cuisine: Farm-fresh, wood-fired Pizza with lots of veg options available
  • What to try: Whatever they recommend for vegetarians that day!
  • Where to find: Tarrytown & SleepyHollow, New Canaan and Westport Farmers’ Markets


Sugar Cupcake & Bakery Truck


Cupcake Truck; Photo: C. Ferrie Photography

Cupcake Truck; Photo: C. Ferrie Photography



Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of 18 flavors of cupcakes available from the multi award-winning Sugar Cupcake Truck. Available for either private events or regularly at the Clinton Outlets and throughout Hamden and Madison this season, their cupcake flavors include vegan vanilla, red velvet canoli and gluten-free friendly cannoli.


  • Full menu: Check out their interesting flavors here
  • Cuisine: Sweet cupcakes that come in tons of flavors
  • What to try: Vegan Vanilla Cupcake
  • Where to find: Their weekly schedule is updated on their website or follow them on Twitter (@TheSugarBakery)





The Granola Bar, Photo: Liz Rueven

The Granola Bar, Photo: Liz Rueven



GranolaBar’s Truck is geared up and ready to cater your perfect spring and summer soirée this year – from backyard birthday parties and end-of-school graduations to morning-after Bat Mitzvah brunches. They’ve just launched their brand new organic, seasonal menu and full of eats for people kosher like me, including Brussels and kale salad and salmon burgers!


  • Full menu: Click here – note you can customize your catered party’s menu any way you like
  • Cuisine: Eclectic with lots of veg options
  • What to try: We’re eyeing their hearty salads made with homemade dressings
  • Where to find: Give them a ring at (203) 906-2244 to book them today


Don’t stop here! We’ve only just begun to cover NYC and CT.  So help us out and let us know where you love to eat on the streets.  We’re talking to ALL of our readers from our own neighborhoods to the left coast and all hot spots in between. Leave your comments and suggestions below. Help us out with some local tips!

Please and thank you. Here’s a napkin for that shmutz on your chin!








Petite Shell Tempts with Golden Rugelach

the sweet ones

I heard the temptation before I inhaled it as I rounded the corner of 85th Street on Lexington Ave. in NYC.  Two young Moms clasped each other’s well cloaked arms on a freezing January day and gasped, “Do you smell the butter? We’ve got to get one!”

Indeed the alluring aromas of warm, sweet pastries and strong coffee waft onto the Upper East Side sidewalk outside of Petite Shell, a three week old rugelach, croissant and coffee bar, beckoning anyone who falls hard for flaky pastries filled with irresistible sweet and savory flavors. Continue reading

Where to Find Local Greens in Winter


photo: Gotham Greens

photo: Gotham Greens

Contributed by Katy Morris

Did you know that there are farmers growing herbs, greens and veggies even in the coldest winter months? Thanks to some expert input from NYC’s Gotham Greens, who “see green fields where others see rooftops”, we’ve got the inside dirt on dirt-less growing so we can help you find a wide variety of fresh and local greens straight through the winter months.

Continue reading

Fresh Tomato Soup with Yogurt & Chili Pepper

tomato soup

Still looking for more ways to get your fill of this season’s glorious tomato crop? Have you made soup yet? This super easy recipe allows the big juicy slicers to shine.

And I can’t think of anything better than a soup that tastes like Summer. Continue reading

Healthy Eats are Evolving at Food Evolution

Fiesta Nachos with eda-guacamole

Elizabeth Berney gladly guided me through the menu at her newly opened vegan cafe when I visited for lunch a couple of weeks back. I confess to heading out to Food Evolution when they had only been open for three weeks.

But with a scarcity of vegetarian cafes in these parts I just couldn’t resist. Considering my conversations and tastings with Berney and her chef, Rachel, CT is in for a solid and delightful outpost for tasty and thoughtfully prepared eats.

Continue reading

Garden of Eatin’ & Summer Beet Salad in Aspen

Aspen Community Garden

Aspen Community Garden

Every spring we have the same conversation about any summer trip we have planned. “Why would we leave our beautiful spot at home just as the trees and gardens are blooming? What could be better than our very own farmers’ market?  Why don’t we just stay put and enjoy listening to a hodgepodge of free summer music from our tattered lawn chairs? Let’s greet old friends and sip chilled Sancerre from paper cups!”

But off we go because we love a change of vibe and scenery.   Continue reading

Simple Summer Salad from Just Down the Road

photo courtesy of Six Main

photo courtesy of Six Main

We are always impressed with the magic Six Main casts on their inventive vegetarian and vegan creations! While they press walnuts or cashews and transform them into ricotta, ice cream, or even “chorizo”,  we’ve been wondering what kind of summery deliciousness they’ve been whipping up now that their farm is bursting with ingredients that move from field to kitchen to table in a blink of the eye.

If you still haven’t made it up to the restaurant in Chester, CT, you can get a taste of Chef Rachel Carr’s cuisine by checking out her bright and oh-so summery salad recipe below.

But here is one more reason you might consider making the quick ride to this quaint New England town in CT…

photo courtesy of Six Main

photo courtesy of Six Main


The restaurant-owned, organic Upper Pond Farm that “grow[s] food to support our bodies, community, and ecosystem,”* and provides Six Main with its organic fruits and veggies is selling at the Chester Sunday Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 10am-1pm through October 12th.

photo courtesy of Six Main

photo courtesy of Six Main

If you are looking for a fun day trip this summer or early fall, head up to Chester for some Six Main Sunday brunch (the “Six Main Benedict” made with lemon tofu hollandaise, oven cured tomato, Portobello mushroom, avocado house made gluten free focaccia and organic eggs sounds particularly enticing) and then stroll through the market to bring home some of their farm’s organic fruits and veggies for the week.

You can also peruse the other vendors’ offerings while enjoying the live music; pick up some fresh fish from The Local Catch, as well as various breads and cheeses (including from Mystic Cheese – used in our favorite Skinny Pines pizzas!).

photo courtesy of Six Main

photo courtesy of Six Main

And if you need some inspiration for creating a perfect late summer meal with your Farmers’ Market bounty, you are in luck; Rachel’s blog, “The Raw & The Cooked” is packed with unique vegan and vegetarian dishes like Kohlrabi “Scallops” and a Raw Vegan Kimchee & Green Salad with Ume Plum Vinaigrette.


Consider attending one of her many seasonal ingredient inspired cooking classes, held on Fridays from 11am-1pm. Be sure to sign up way ahead of time as her classes are small and fill up very quickly.

*quote from Upper Pond Farm Facebook Page

Want to read more about Six Main?

Click here to read what we wrote a few months back. Somehow I forgot about that BLOOD ORANGE cheesecake (vegan and pareve)!  Thank you, Rachel Carr, for another scrumptious recipe and for these gorgeous food shots!

Strawberry Mint and Cucumber Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

4 servings

Strawberry Mint and Cucumber Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

When summer ingredients are perfectly ripe and only hours from the field, the simpler the better. This 4 ingredient recipe epitomizes that pleasure.

Thank you, Chef Rachel Carr, for this delicious summer salad.

This recipe is pareve, vegan, non-dairy


  • 12 fresh local strawberries
  • ½ cucumber, peeled and sliced
  • ¼ cup mint, chopped
  • 3 cups baby arugula
  • Dressing
  • Zest 3 lemons
  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • ¼ cup agave
  • ½ tablespoon mustard
  • 1 cups extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon poppy seeds


  1. Blend lemon zest, lemon juice, agave, mustard, and olive oil in a blender until fully incorporated. Fold in the poppy seeds by hand.
  2. Toss salad ingredients with the dressing and serve.

The Green Radish Offers Healthy Eats on Wheels


If you ever told me that I would be eating at one of those tables in the divide on Broadway in Times Square, NYC, I would have called you meshugeh.  But that’s just what I did the other day when one of my lovely and most responsive readers, N, ice cream maker extraordinaire and wildly enthusiastic eater, encouraged me to join her for lunch. I met her in my least favorite area of town to check out The Green Radish, vegan, organic food truck that roams NYC 5 days a week.

Did I mention healthy, vegan, Time Sq. in the same sentence? It’s hard to believe, I know! Continue reading